• Displaying Colorful Tianfu Culture and Creating a Wonderful Life of the BRICS “World Panda Youth Rep
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 In response to China’s efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind and an inclusive atmosphere for all civilizations to communicate and exchange, based on the successful experience of “Panda Kid Reporters”, Chengdu Radio and Television Station specially launched the three-year action plan of “World Panda Youth Reporters”, in order to strive for peace through civilized exchanges, promote development through civilized dialogues, and make cultural exchanges a call for friendship among people of all countries. We are telling stories in China and spread voices in China and enhancing Chengdu’s international communication influence through displaying Chengdu’s park city image in various aspects, to show people that Chengdu is suitable for living, learning, traveling and doing business, so as to attract more young people from the world to pay attention to, visit, promote, study and live in Chengdu.

In November 2019, the BRICS summit will be held in the Brazilian capital. On the eve of the summit, in order to better strengthen the development of international communication capacity, and tell China’s stories and spread Chengdu’s voices, we actively connected with China Association for Friendship and Exchange with Foreign Countries and the Chinese Embassy in Brazil, and invited more than 10 well-known Brazilian media, producers of global TV, hosts of global TV, food experts, music producers, cultural bloggers, education experts, fashion bloggers, sports experts, and social scholars from October 30 to November 2. They are young people who have millions of fans on Integral, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and other overseas well-known social platforms. They are titled “World Panda Youth Reporters” to visit, experience and promote Chengdu.

Through a series of activities of the action plan “World Panda Youth Reporters Visiting Chengdu”, Chengdu will communicate with cities in the world, demonstrate the elegance and charm of Chengdu through the precipitation of civilization in thousands of years, express the temperament of Chengdu as a cultural city to the world, and contribute to the construction of “community of a shared future for mankind”.

On the morning of November 1, the Brazilian delegation went to Tianfu New Area for a visit.



On the morning of November 1, 13 Brazilian members of the delegation of the “World Panda Youth Reporters Visiting Chengdu” visited Tianfu New Area. At the first stop, they visited the planning hall of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu Science City and listened to the English Introduction. Chengdu Science City embodies the high-quality development of Tianfu New Area as a national level new area and a model of park city in the new era.

“Our hometown Brazil has also made great efforts in ecological maintenance. There are many ecological cities. In this respect, we can learn from each other.” Global TV reporter Otávio Miranda said.

The planning office of Tianfu New Area is on the Bank of Xinglong lake. "As we all know, Brazil has a long coastline and the hot beaches are the tourist attractions that everyone yearns for. But seeing the clear water of Xinglong lake, I feel it is as charming as our beaches. " Rita Lobo, the host and gourmet of the pay channel of global TV, said.

Later, the delegation took a coach to the exhibition hall of park city. After watching the holographic film in the exhibition hall of the park city, they were deeply moved by the beauty of Tianfu New Area.

The third stop, the delegation came to Luxi greenway and observation platform. "Brazilians love sports. I see such a beautiful runway here. I believe that many people will come here with their children for leisure at weekends."



Marcus Vinicius, a former Brazilian men’s volleyball team member, executive director of the Brazilian Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and special commentator of the Global TVsports event, stepped on the Luxi greenway, and he jumped up happily.

II. Plan to publicize the activity results to CCTV


On the same day, three reporters from CCTV international channel CGTN went to interview, and the program was launched on November 15, 2019.


The promotional video including the contents of Tianfu New Area has ben broadcasted on the outdoor large screen at the important points of the city as well as on-board TV of public transport and the metro.



Metro line No.7


 @ World 



Tianfu Square


Aerospace Science and Technology Building   

Zhongshan Square, Chunxi Road

Large screen broadcast in big




Emei Film

Pacific Cinema, Wangfujing Department Store 

TV news report: there are dynamic news and special publicity for panda youth reporters' activities.









3. New media publicity and report: Shenniaozhixun, China News Agency, Xinhuanet, fenghuang.com, Sichuan Release, Cover news, Red Star News, Chengdu Daily Jinguan, Go Chengdu, People's Daily, Daily Economic News and other media published reports on the activities of World Panda Youth Reporters.

4. Short video report: Shenniaozhixun reported on the activities of the World Panda Youth Reporters: the World Panda Youth Reporter Visiting Chengdu: Visiting the "science city of Tianfu New Area" and the beautiful Xinglong lake for a group photo; the World Panda Youth Reporters Visiting Chengdu: Visiting the Tianfu New Area and feeling the different charm of Chengdu"; “World Panda Youth Reporters Visiting Chengdu: Visiting Tianfu New Area Planning Office, believing Chengdu will get better and better" and other short videos, and have distributed to other platforms such as TikTok.



Shenniaozhixun short videos


5. Live broadcast:

On November 1, Shenniaozhixun carried out the live broadcast of the World Panda Youth Reporters activity in Tianfu New Area.