What is a world panda youth reporter?
TIME:2020-05-09 14:25:56

       In response to China’s efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind and an inclusive atmosphere for all civilizations to communicate and exchange, Chengdu Radio and Television Station specially launched the three-year action plan of “World Panda Youth Reporters”, in order to strive for peace through civilized exchanges, promote development through civilized dialogues, and make cultural exchanges a call for friendship among people of all countries. We are displaying              Chengdu’s park city image in various aspects, to show people that Chengdu is suitable for living, learning, traveling and doing business, so as to attract more young people from the world to pay attention to, visit, promote and study in Chengdu, further enhance Chengdu’s international communication influence, and make Chengdu the first choice for foreign friends to study and a world tourism destination.

The three-year action plan of "World Panda Youth Reporters" delves into the long history and culture of panda hometown, and organizes theme exhibitions and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign youth in Chengdu and famous countries, regions, cities and schools around the world. Through a series of activities of the three-year action plan of "World Panda Youth Reporters", Chengdu will have a dialogue with the world's cities, to demonstrate the elegance and charm of Chengdu through the precipitation of civilization in thousands of years, express the temperament of Chengdu's cultural city to the world, and contribute to the construction of "community of a shared future for mankind".