• World Panda Youth Reporters Training CampFirst stop: To Wonderful Xinjin
  • TIME:2020-05-09 14:23:23    BEFROM:世界能猫青年记者追成都

A series of "Panda Youth Reports" interviews with reality TV activities

Digging deep into the historical and cultural heritage of the city, focusing on rural revitalization (agriculture expo park), cultural travel business card, fishing and food culture, agricultural and commercial travel integration and development achievements and preparations for the Universiade and other content, we organize the "World Panda Youth Reporters Training Camp into wonderful Xinjin", setting up training courses and deep experience, such as young reporters’ first sight of Xinjin, urban taste, city business card, urban attractive, gold routes, city gifts, city memory and other content. According to the main topic of the training, we invited the county committee, the county government's main leaders, Bashu culture celebrities, travel experiencer, cultural experts, senior media people, representatives of industrial think tanks, well-known bloggers to form an expert committee for the "Panda Youth Reporters Training Camp" Xinjin special mentor think tank.

A batch of all-media news focused interview slots

Organizing "World Panda Youth Reporters" through the designated media, social software with their own cameras, text record, publicity and reporting on the history, cultural travel development, urban development of Xinjin.                                                                   

One "World Panda Youth Roporters Walking into Wonderful Xinjin" Opening Ceremony

Through live speeches, publicity videos, literary and artistic performances and other creative ways to recommend the city's arts and tourism industry, urban characteristics and cultural tourism resources.

Host: CDTV hosts and county media center hosts.

Participants: World Panda Youth Reporters, Bashu culture celebrities, travel experiencers, industry Think Tank Representatives, government and enterprise representatives, travel KOL, well-known podcasters.

4-day "World Panda Youth Reporters Experiencing Wonderful Xinjin" Training Camp

1. Focusing on cultural and travel development of Xinjin. Theme: "The first sight of the city".

(1) The First Sight of the City: the government leaders introduce the city's characteristics and cultural tourism resources through the speech combined with publicity videos, performances and other creative ways.

(2) City Taste: show the most characteristic city cuisine.

(3) City Business Card: cities use "shows" to show the most core cultural tourism resources.

2. Focusing on Xinjin’s city features. 

Theme: "City Story".

(1) Gold Route: Promote the unique scenic spots in Xinjin County.

(2) Urban Attractive: creative ways to shows Intangible Cultural Heritage and folk custom skills.

(3) City Gifts: the city’s unique cultural and creative souvenir.

3. Showing the depth of Xinjin’s cultural deposits.

Theme: "Heart-moving city"

(1) Director as a tour guide: introduce short videos of the Director of Arts and Tourism as a tour guide for tourists and panda youth reporters.

(2) Urban Memory: Telling moving stories of the city, reflecting the city culture.

(3) City spokesperson: culture, literature, science, sports, stars, and celebrities to speak for the hometown.

One day "World Panda Youth Reporters Walking into Wonderful Xinjin" Camp.

After the early in-depth understanding and experience of Xinjin, we select some key cultural and traveling sites in Xinjin County, organize "Panda Youth Reporters " to have a focus interview report with their own words and cameras.